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2011-11-12 12:59:56 by Undroidmusic

newww avatarr I made it with the awesome professional art program called PAINT! yeeeh!

the d'n'b 3-song pack!

2011-10-24 11:46:41 by Undroidmusic

This week I will put triple d'n'b pack for all of you! take it easy it's my first attempt on that genere ;) I recognitze it still needs lots of work!

Go, play ikaruga!

2011-08-16 12:58:09 by Undroidmusic

New tune up! totally inspired by games like jamestown, ikaruga, hydoreah, parodious. I know this games usually don't have this kind of music, but well! In my mind it works anyway! Let me know what you think of it! comment! and rate!

Thx you all newgrounds!

pd. As a present Ikaruga video 2players gamplay played by one person! SICK! w5Pc

New mix!

2011-08-05 07:05:56 by Undroidmusic


New mix made by Lambda uploaded on youtube, this one is formed by 3 tunes from Inna. I usually hate this music, but I admit that this mix is quite good an relaxing :P

I'm in the mix!

2011-08-02 03:23:41 by Undroidmusic

My cousin just put me in a little mix with Deadmau5 made with the virtual DJ, It's the first time somebody mix me! and its fantastic! J5YE&feature=youtube_gdata

About Electric Heroes

2011-07-04 14:12:14 by Undroidmusic

It's always hard to change the style of the music, but that's not the way I want to go, this was just an experiment and I hope you like it, from now on I'm going to my ambiental/minimal beat style as always!

Hello world

2011-06-15 08:28:29 by Undroidmusic

Hi all,

I've been a newgrounds visitor for long time (years!) and I finally decided to create an account, mainly for posting my music, but also, for participaing in this great community.

So I hope you enjoy my little creations, I'm open to any opinion you have, question, etc. so...

See you around here!